Monday, April 16, 2012

Knobbed Cylinders Teach About Size

I introduced Gosling to a new Montessori activity today. It is called "knobbed cylinders."  It was designed for the study of size. The knobs at the top of the cylinders allow for her to practice the "pincher grasp" which she will need later for writing.  There are 4 blocks of knobbed cylinders.  I started with the easiest one. (I am also using the "toddler sized" version.)  There are 5 cylinders in the first block, each is has different diameter but the same length.  They are set in order from largest to smallest or vice versa. I modeled for her how to remove each of the cylinders and place them above the block.  After taking all 5 cylinders out, I modeled how to put all 5 cylinders back in, pinching each one by the knob and placing it back in the correct hole in the block.

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