Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wet Pouring
We moved on to wet pouring this month. It's nice and hot outside so any spills will quickly dry. I added 1 drop of blue food coloring to 1/4 cup of water, just to make it even more inviting.
In May I put out a flower shaped ice cube tray with one yellow pom pom that fit in each flower.  She used her fingers to pinch the pom poms out and then put them back.  This month I put blue pom poms into a starfish shaped ice cube tray. I increased the level of the skill by adding tweezers for her to use to pick up the pom poms.

Since June is beach weather I decided on a beach theme this month.  It only took Gosling a few minutes to find the new box full of sea shells, star fish and coral.  She takes them out, one by one, investigating as she goes, then she puts them back in the box.  These are real items so being gentle was something for us to work on. Her favorite item is the star fish, partly because she knows it's name and partly because it feels so neat.